So the question is why am I blogging. Further more what do I hope to achieve in this endeavor?

My main goal is to make myself write more each day. I’m working on my first novel that I am damned and determined to finish. Also, my wife and I are collaborating on a children’s book.

However, I find it all too easy to forgo writing because I’m tired or have a headache or some other lame excuse. Instead, I wind up just making notes or doodling in my sketchbook

For quite a while, I’ve been intending to start a blog about movies and TV shows. I regularly post unnecessary updates notifying Facebookland of what movie or TV show I’m watching, usually just listing the cast, director, writers, with maybe a bit of trivia usually gleaned from or my fairly encyclopedic knowledge of trivial matters. I may not remember your name, but I can probably tell you the name of a bit player in some movie from the 1960s or whenever.

In these forthcoming blog entries, I’ll continue to note what movies I’m watching, but expand the entries to include details about the movie or show… its significance, production, and other of what I consider to be interesting details.

I’m going to try to somehow connect the blog prompt of the day to the chosen movie or show and vice versa. That may well be easier said than done, but we shall see.

So… why write about movies and TV shows? Well, because I aspire to write them, but more importantly because I watch a lot of them. It’s a bit of an obsession. My interest isn’t limited to one particular era or genre. My tastes are pretty all over the place. I especially enjoy revisiting movies or shows I’ve not seen in many years and seeing how they’ve aged as a movie and as a viewing experience for me.

I remember seeing Star Wars (that’s Episode IV: A New Hope by the way) in theaters when it was first released back in 1977. I was eleven and had never seen anything like it before. I’d seen Flash Gordon movie serials and sci-fi movies and shows and westerns, but I’d not seen them combined in such a big budget feast. We didn’t have DVD or even VHS releases of movies in those days, so after having seen the movie multiple times in theaters over the next two years, I had to wait many years before seeing it again… and through the eyes of an older viewer. It still holds up for me though I can see more flaws in it… but nothing that dampens my enjoyment.

My hope is that the subsequent blog entries will be much more interesting and better written than this one.